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Need to know the value of an old issue of Superman or The Avengers? Want to see what the price is for the first comic book legend Stan Lee did for Marvel Comics? Missing a few issues of Batman, The Amazing Spider-Man, Hulk or the X-Men and can't remember which ones? Have a variant zombie cover or pile of old horror comics you need to know more about?

Stay up-to-date with Zap-Kapow with our iOS app or our NEW cross-platform, web application for iOS, Android, OSX, and Windows devices. As new issues and price updates are released every month, you'll never need to lug around a bulky comic book price guide or other reference material again. Take your entire comic book collection with you ...


Built exclusively for iOS devices in 2009, the current Version 3.3.3 is the final App Store version of Zap-Kapow that will be available. In 2016, Zap-Kapow Comics relaunched as a web application for iOS, Android, OSX, and Windows devices, adding a slew of new features. Check out the past versions and features we've added below ...

  • ZKC 1.0

    The all-new Zap-Kapow came out of beta September 2, 2016

    After over a month of beta testing by users (thank you!), the all-new Zap-Kapow Comics was ready for prime time.

  • Beta 3.0

    Update released in August 2016

    Added tweaks to auto-complete search feature, minor updates to issue listing views, and corrected some early beta bugs.

  • Beta 2.0

    Our first beta update was released in July 2016

    Added the ability to mass add and mass remove full runs of a title to your collection.

  • Beta 1.0

    The completely rewritten, browser-based version was released in July 2016

    The new Zap-Kapow Comics was rewritten from scratch to work in any browser, mobile or desktop, with features our users had been requesting for years.

  • iOS 3.3.3

    Version 3.3.3 of Zap-Kapow was released in February 2016

    Fixed another issue where some users were not able to update their price guide. This is the final iOS version of Zap-Kapow that will be available in the App Store.

  • iOS 3.3.2

    Version 3.3.2 of Zap-Kapow was released in January 2016

    This update fixed an issue where some users were not able to update their price guide correctly. Also included a hidden "No Prize" for their troubles ...

  • iOS 3.3

    Version 3.3 of Zap-Kapow was released in November 2015

    Doh! Few more bug fixes left over from 3.2.

  • iOS 3.2

    Version 3.2 of Zap-Kapow was released in October 2015

    Zap-Kapow Version 3.2 fixed a handful of bugs from 3.1, including layout tweaks and minor compatibility with some older devices. Brought up to iOS 9 standards.

  • iOS 3.1

    Version 3.1 of Zap-Kapow was released in July 2015

    After a false re-start with 3.0, the long-awaited 3.1 fixed the major crashing issues created by iOS 8. It also slightly modified the cover art size, added numeric grades next to the traditional ones, and updated the home screen icon.

  • iOS 3.0

    Version 3.0 of Zap-Kapow was released ... Never

    Apple's update to iOS 8 caused major issues with our little app. After believing we had a fix in place with 3.0, we quickly found out we were wrong. 3.0 only lived for about a day before being pulled.

  • iOS 2.7

    Version 2.7 of Zap-Kapow was released in April 2013

    Minor bug fixes and updates.

  • iOS 2.5

    Version 2.5 of Zap-Kapow was released in December 2012

    iOS 6 compliant; Optimized for iPhone 5 users; Fixed bug in sorting order of Favorites; Various bug and performance updates

  • iOS 2.2

    Version 2.2 of Zap-Kapow was released in December 2011

    Bug fix on issue preventing update of in-app price guides

  • iOS 2.1

    Version 2.1 of Zap-Kapow was released in November 2011

    Bug fix on issue caching after price guide updates

  • iOS 2.0

    Version 2.0 of Kap-Kapow was released in October 2011

    iOS 5 compliant; Favorites listed in alphabetical order; Sort issues in descending or ascending order; First appearance information also now displayed in issues list; Facebook support; Ability to set default conditions for prices in price guide; Searching for a character by name will also list the title of his first appearance; Recent updates listed; Universal app works on both iPhone and iPad; Offline browsing of favorites

  • iOS 1.4

    Version 1.4 of Kap-Kapow was released in December 2009

    Twitter integration - tweet your collection's awesomeness to your peeps; Minor bug fixes and speed enhancements

  • iOS 1.3

    Version 1.3 of Kap-Kapow was released in October 2009 and added some minor tweaks to the search engine as well as our most requested feature ever

    Ability to save your favorite comics as "have" or "want" and total up their value; Notification of new price guide updates being available; Minor bug fixes and speed enhancements

  • iOS 1.2

    Version 1.2 (we actually skipped version 1.1 due to some crazy Apple approval shenanigins) was released in mid-August 2009

    Ability to save from over 118,000 covers to iPhone or iPod Touch photos, perfect for wallpapers; Purchase select issues via ThingsFromAnotherPlanet.com (since removed); Minor bug fixes and speed enhancements; Report issue corrections ... See something we missed? Let us know from with the click of a button

  • iOS 1.0

    Zap-Kapow launches in the Apple App Store

    Becoming the very first comic book price guide in the Apple App Store, Zap-Kapow: A Guide To Comic Books launched on July 2, 2009


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"With great power comes great responsibility ..." Marvel's flagship title and the world's favorite wall-crawler has long been a favorite of readers and collectors alike. The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) currently sits in the top spot of trending comic books on Zap-Kapow.


"Protecting a world that hates and fears them ..." Marvel's main mutant series is currently the second highest trending title on Zap-Kapow. Featuring more first appearances during its 50 year run than any other comic book, Uncanny X-Men (1963) issues are highly sought after by collectors.


"How many walkers have you have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?" Rick Grimes and company have thrilled comic book readers and television fans alike, and led the way for a revitalized Image Comics.

See what else is trending on Zap-Kapow ...
Trending Comic Books on Zap-Kapow Comics

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Search Zap-Kapow Comics's library of over 230,000 issues for publisher, writer, artist and price guide info as well as to see covers to make sure you're referencing the right comic book. From The Walking Dead to Iron Man or Deadpool, superhero, horror or cartoon comic books, Zap-Kapow Comics has it all ...


“ For anyone who's hoping to avoid being ripped off when purchasing the latest addition to your collection of comics, it's worth giving Zap-Kapow! a shot for its convenience, accuracy and novelty.
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“ My favorite feature of the app is its ability to save comic book cover images directly to your camera roll. It's a great indirect way to decorate your iPad with excellent comic wallpapers. ”App Advice

“ This handy app will keep changing values in the comic market on 150,000+ issues and variants right at your fingertips. ”Steena Williams, Paper Droids

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