Mobile & Desktop

Whatever your platform, Zap-Kapow Comics is ready to help you lookup comic book prices, and manage your full comic book collection on the go.

Any device with a browser, desktop, mobile, tablet, or console will access Zap-Kapow Comics. Just point your browser to and bookmark or add it to your mobile device’s home screen for quick reference. iOS, Android, OSX, or Windows, Zap-Kapow has you covered.

Please note: The older iOS app in the Apple App Store does NOT tie back to the newer website version of Zap-Kapow Comics. For the time being it will continue to work, but anything you add there as a Favorite, or any price guide updates you purchase there DO NOT carry over to this web app. Eventually, the iOS app will be retired in favor of the browser-based version of Zap-Kapow Comics. We recommend you use this version for purchasing price guide updates and creating favorites lists exclusively.