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Your comic’s values (and more) at your finger tips. See the value of your collection, keep track of changing prices for hot comic book issues and titles, and more.

Jump To The Current Guide, Whenever You Want

Zap-Kapow is refreshed with the latest comic book title and price guide information on a monthly basis. These updates add any new titles or issues from the preceding month, as well as mass price guide updates to all titles. (Note: Spot-updates for hot or trending issues, and some issues already in the database, happen all month long in the “Updated” area.)

Access to the monthly guide updates are 99¢ (for Bronze Age Plan), or FREE (updated each month for Silver Age and Golden Age Plans) depending on your account plan, and are accessible from the “My Comics” area of your account.

Your initial account purchase comes with the very latest edition of our price guide and data, regardless of the plan you choose. From that point on Bronze Age Plan users can update it as often as they like, and whenever they do they get everything that has been updated or added to Zap-Kapow to that point.

So if you were to purchase a Bronze Age Plan for Zap-Kapow in August, and then update your price guide in December, you would be getting all the prices and updates made to our database between August and December for the same price (99-cents).

How often you update is completely up to you! Anytime you chose to update, you’ll get the very latest for 99¢. Much, much cheaper than most printed price guides.

If you have any questions about how Zap-Kapow’s Price Guide Updates work, or any question about Zap-Kapow’s Account Plans, please don’t hesitate to ask!