Essential Tips for Ensuring Your Comic Books Remain in Top Condition

Wall of comic books including Marvel Amazing Spider-Man retro

You’ve spent years putting together your collection of comic books. And it’s the years that may come back to haunt you if you aren’t storing and caring for them properly.

But aging isn’t the main reason most comic books loose value over time, it’s all the things that can happen to them during those decades in your garage or basement.

Here are some tips to keep your comic book collection in the best possible shape for future enjoyment and value.

Use Comic Book Bags and Boards

The general rule of thumb when it comes to long-term storage is to use comic book bags and boards. The combination of the two will keep your comic books safe from the dangers of dirt, dust, and future aging.

Stay Cool

When storing your comics, keep them away from any heat or moisture sources. A room temperature and away from windows, vents, and other heat sources is key.

Avoid Unnecessary Handling

This is especially important for those rare, mint condition comics. Don’t pick them up and flip through them. An old comic book can be easily damaged and the oil from your fingers can cause permanent stains.

If you must handle them, make sure to wear clean, cotton gloves. Any paper glove products can still be a source of dirt, dust and tiny fibers that can tarnish the condition of your book.

Keep Your Collection Organized

As your collection grows, it’s important to keep it organized. An organized collection will help to easily spot when something isn’t looking right with your comics.

Protect Them From Direct Sunlight

Sunlight can cause the colors of your comic books to fade, so make sure to store them in a place where they won’t be exposed to sunlight

Get Professional Restoration

Don’t attempt to do it yourself! If you do have books that are in bad condition, consider professional restoration if you want to protect their value. A professional restoration service can be the difference between a sellable book and one that is deemed worthless.

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