Top 10 Best Avengers

Their roster numbers are well into the hundreds, but here are our Top 10 Best Avengers of all time.

Their roster numbers are well into the hundreds, but here are our Top 10 Best Avengers of all time.

Ms. Marvel

10. Ms. Marvel

Take your pick, there have been many over the years, but we’re going to put Carol Danvers on this list just by virtue of being first to take up the name.


9. Beast

Yeah, we know the “other X-Man” that joined the team in recent years is more popular, but we went decades thinking of Hank McCoy as an Avenger first and X-Man second.

Wonder Man

8. Wonder Man

Lame name, kinda lame origin, super-lame costumes … Nonetheless, he’s been at the center of some of the more interesting (and memorable) Avengers stories over the years.

Scarlet Witch

7. Scarlet Witch

Before she found her place in Marvel’s mutant universe by whispering “no more mutants”, Scarlet Witch was a key and central figure in the Avengers. Her romantic triangles with Wonder Man and Vision fueled storylines for decades.

Yellowjacket/Giant-Man/Ant-Man (Henry Pym)

6. Yellowjacket/Giant-Man/Ant-Man (Henry Pym)

Three heroes in one! Along with Beast and Iron Man, one of the central “thinkers” on the Avenger’s roster. Also one of the biggest a-holes. Remember that time he beat then-wife Wasp? A tragic and controversial character, but one that has been present in some form or another for the majority of the team’s history.


5. Vision

Smart, odd and once married (!) to Scarlet Witch, Vision has been the team leader a few times over the years. His place in the Ultron/Henry Pym battles has been key.

Robin (Jason Todd)

4. Hawkeye

Once trusted with a West Coast team of Avengers, Hawkeye gets a lot done with very little in terms of powers (he has none). Of the hundreds of heroes to have membership, Clint Barton is the one every kid actually felt like he had a chance of being.


3. Thor

A charter member, Thor has called the Avengers family for decades. His banter and camaraderie with his Avengers teammates has made the God of Thunder almost human over the years.

Iron Man

2. Iron Man

The brains — and the money — behind the whole operation. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes couldn’t claim that title without him.

Captain America

1. Captain America

The ultimate leader for the ultimate team. There have been times when he wasn’t on the active roster, but it doesn’t really feel like The Avengers without him does it?

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