Top 10 Best Image Comics Titles Of All Time

After nearly a quarter of a century, Image Comics has produced some of the medium's best works. We rank the Top 10 best Image Comic titles so far ...

After nearly a quarter of a century, Image Comics has produced some of the medium’s best works. We rank the Top 10 best Image Comic titles so far …

Danger Girl

10. Danger Girl (1998)

Remember when J. Scott Campbell did covers AND interiors? No? Then treat yo’ self to this (unfortunately) short-lived funny, sexy, action-packed spy series from the late 90s. Danger Girl lives on in various limited series and one-shots (currently on IDW), but it’s never quite reached the greatness/fun of the original run.


9. Spawn (1992)

Some would argue this is the title that put Image Comics on the map, and they might be right. Hot off of his run on Marvel Comic’s The Amazing Spider-Man, Todd McFarlane launched this grim and gritty superhero series about a man returned from the dead, picking up writing duties as well. Twenty years later, Spawn is still published monthly, one of the few original Image Comics titles to do so.


8. Wanted (2003)

Writer Mark Millar and artist J. G. Jones’ post-superhero underworld was in a word, awesome. A whole new direction for Image Comics where realistic super-stories were being told. The movie that adapted it was okay, but then again it’s not a fair comparison … J. G. Jones artwork is hard to beat.

The Maxx

7. The Maxx (1993)

Sam Keith’s superhero vagrant/protector, living between the real world and the “Outback” features some of the most unique and beautiful character designs and art ever. An MTV series closely followed Keith’s style and gave fans another medium to enjoy the fight against the Isz in.


6. Chew (2009)

In a world where all chicken and bird meats are illegal, Chew focuses on detective Tony Chu (get it?) and his encounters with a range of lawless characters. The comic book is winding down, but a TV series has been in the works for some time, hopefully the humor makes its way intact.


5. Witchblade (1995)

It’s been a live-action TV series, a magna series, an anime series, and spawned spin-offs (The Darkness). Michael Turner, Marc Silvestri, David Wohl, Brian Haberlin and Christina Z’s supernatural tale about a New York detective and the gauntlet that gives her her powers remains one of Image Comics longest-running titles.


4. Saga (2012)

Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples’ sci-fi masterpiece is still in the early stages by comic book standards, but we’re hooked. Part science fiction, part fantasy epic, “Saga” follows two lovers from rival extraterrestrial races, their newborn daughter, and various other intergalactic characters, fleeing authorities from both sides in a galactic war. Staples’ art has never been better, and “Saga” stands as one of Vaughn’s best works … and that’s saying something.


3. Invincible (2003)

Image Comics head honcho and writer Robert Kirkman, with suburb art by Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley, flips superhero conventions on their head. It’s the one superhero comic book everyone should be reading but probably isn’t. How awesome and important is “Invincible” to the Image Universe? The main character’s costume is a giant Image Comics logo.


2. Powers (2000)

Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Avon Oeming’s police procedural/superhero comic book is a masterpiece of character-driven storytelling The Eisner Award winning series is currently being prepped for a TV series, and has bounced to Marvel’s Icon imprint, but still ranks as one of the best Image Comics has ever launched.

The Walking Dead

1. The Walking Dead (2003)

Robert Kirkman has built a literal empire on the post-apocalyptic adventures of a group of survivors lead by sheriff Rick Grimes. And while most people think of the popular TV series when “Walking Dead” is mentioned, its the comic book series where these characters really shine. Among the very best of the zombie genre, “The Walking Dead” is also among the very best of comic books period.

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