Top 10 Best Things About Comic Cons

San Diego, New York, Wizard World, and more ... Comic book conventions have become a nirvana for collectors and pop culture fans. Here's our list of the top ten best things about them.

San Diego, New York, Wizard World, and more … Comic book conventions have become a nirvana for collectors and pop culture fans. Here’s our list of the top ten best things about them.

Meeting Celebrities

10. Meeting Celebrities

There’s an argument to be made that celebrities and pop culture in general is taking over Comic Cons, pushing out the “comic book” part of the events. But it’s hard to be mad at an opportunity to get a personalized comic book sketch AND a photo-op with a WWE Diva or Henry Winkler.

Con Exclusives

9. Con Exclusives

Limited edition comic book covers, Funko Pops, t-shirts, etc. Nothing says “I was there!” like exclusive items from the con you attended.


8. Panels

Want to ask the cast of your favorite TV show a question? Interested in what Marvel is up to with their latest mega-event? Want to see an exclusive sneak peek at an upcoming comic book movie before anyone else in the whole world? Comic Con panels have you covered.

Artist Alley

7. Artist Alley

Amateurs, pros, and future stars side by side showing and selling their work. This is really what it’s all about.

New Friends

6. New Friends

Your co-workers think the Spider-Man poster in your cube is nerdy? Your family had about all they can handle listening to your arguments on Star Wars versus Star Trek? At a Comic Con, you’re among the like-minded, and friendships can be made that last a lifetime.

Meeting Comic Book Artists and Writers

5. Meeting Comic Book Artists and Writers

One of the best parts of any Comic Con — meeting the pros that make your favorite comic books every month. Snap a quick pic with them, ask them about their work, nab an autograph or a sketch (see below), and you’ll have a momento you’ll never forget.


4. Autographs

Some charge, some don’t, but getting a creator’s signature on a comic book they’ve worked on (depending on who you ask) can often elevate the overall value of the book. At worst, it’s a reminder of that time you shared a moment with Kevin Smith as he scrawled a joke across his Daredevil (1998) No. 1.

Personalized Comic Book Sketches

3. Personalized Comic Book Sketches

Ready to drop some cash? Much like an autograph, comic book artists often will (for a price) sketch out a personal drawing for you. Get them to do it on a blank cover, and you’ve hit the jackpot – a one-of-a-kind momento that is one of the coolest experiences any comic book collector can have.


2. Cosplay

Whether you participate or just admire the talent that goes into this incredible art form, cosplay has become a staple of any Comic Con worth its salt. Cosplay contests, photo opportunities, etc. bring lots of color to the convention scene.

Back Bins

1. Back Bins

This is why Comic Cons were invented, and this is why they still rule. The opportunity to wade through back bins of comic books from dealers you wouldn’t normally get to see. It’s also that chance to find the back issue you’ve been seeking for years, and is there a greater thrill than that moment you finally lay eyes on it? We think not. It’s like finding gold or striking oil, only for comic fans even better.

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