Top 10 Best X-Men

Protecting a world that fears and hates them, these are the best mutants to ever follow Xavier's dream as X-Men.

Protecting a world that fears and hates them, these are the best mutants to ever follow Xavier’s dream as X-Men.

Emma Frost

10. Emma Frost

Bad girl, good girl, who knows, but the former White Queen’s place among the X-Men has always been interesting. One of the more powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe, Emma Frost is a key player — and occasional leader — that is trying to advance Xavier’s dream, but may not be what she seams.


9. Rogue

Villain turned hero, Rogue can’t touch another person’s skin, but she’s touched plenty of hearts over the years. From Gambit to Magneto, Rogue has been in plenty of challenging relationships while serving as a serous powerhouse for the X-Men.


8. Colossus

The X-Men’s muscle for years, the Russian artist has also had some of the best storylines. From his romance with Kitty Pryde, to his stint as a ‘bad guy’, Piotr Rasputin has shown strength inside and out.

Professor X

7. Professor X

Without Charles Xavier, there would be no X-Men. He’s more than the founder of the team though, he’s the most powerful telepath on the planet. A member of Marvel’s Illuminati, Xavier has defined the dream that all X-Men must aspire to.


6. Deadpool

The ‘Merc With A Mouth’ may have never technically been an X-Man (the X-Force squad was more up his alley), but he’s become so popular with fans not including him would have been a sin. Marvel has tried to push Wade Wilson into other corners of the Marvel Universe in recent years, but his wacky dialogue and over-the-top violent ways seem more at home with his fellow mutants (whether they want him or not).


5. Nightcrawler

One of the coolest character designs in comics, Kurt Wagner’s teleporting demon-pirate with a religious heart of gold was just the kind of crazy kick in the pants the X-Men (both the team and the comic book) needed when he joined the team in Giant-Size X-Men (1978) No. 1. The definition of an outsider, even among a group of mutants.


4. Gambit

Smooth, handsome and better at throwing playing cards than you are, Remy LeBeau has been stealing hearts (and more, he is a member of the Thieves Guild after all) for over two decades. His on-again, off-again romance with Rogue made both characters stronger and provided some great x-storylines over the years. Bonus: Almost single-handedly brought trench coats back in the 90s.


3. Storm

A way-more capable team leader than Cyclops has ever managed to be, Ororo Munroe has brought an elegance and class to the X-Men like no other. At times vulnerable, yet still powerful and regal, Storm has been a loving mother and ambassador for mutants everywhere. Sidenote: We still love mohawk Storm the best.

Jean Grey/Phoenix

2. Jean Grey / Phoenix

Not only a founding member of the team, Jean Grey’s ‘Dark Phoenix’ storyline defined the X-Men for decades. Like most of the Marvel mutants, her story gets convoluted and confusing over time, but her romance (and future baby Cable) with Scott Summers, flirtations with Wolverine, and awesome planet-leveling powers have made her a popular and central figure in the X-Men’s mythos.


1. Wolverine

The X-Man literally EVERYONE knows, one could argue that Logan helped save the X-Men from cancellation back in the 70s. Part of the new wave of mutants that were ushered in with Giant-Size X-Men (1978) No. 1, Wolverine brought a new attitude to Xavier’s gang. Sure, it’s a bit obvious to rank him in the top spot, but be honest with yourself — he’s the x-character that has transcended his team and the comic, putting Marvel’s mutants on the map.

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