Top 10 Comic Book Super Powers

Here's our list of the super powers in comic books. Used by heroes and villains alike, these are the special abilities and powers that fuel our favorite hobby
Top Ten Comic Book Super Powers

Here’s our list of the top ten super powers in comic books. Used by heroes and villains alike, these are the special abilities and powers that fuel our favorite hobby (and we secretly wish we had).

10. X-Ray Vision

Never mind that this is an actual thing that exists in the real world and is used in hospitals on a daily basis, the ability to whenever and wherever see through solid objects is one of the top three things we think about when we think of “super powers”. It’s one of the very earliest superhero’s (Superman) key abilities. It’s just in retrospect, not all as cool as we thought we we were 10-years-old.

9. Invisibility

It seems like there’s a limited number of superheroes that actually have/use this super power beyond the Invisible Woman, but it is pretty cool nonetheless. Great defensive ability, and super great spy ability.

8. Telekinesis

Moving stuff with your mind? We’d never get off the couch! Of course, superheroes tend to use their abilities in more worthy ways (thankfully), but this is one that supervillains have also come to master over the years.

7. Teleportation

Think of the money you’d save on gas and airfare! We’re tempted to move this one up higher on the list just based on the economic implications, but as it is we do technically have the ability to move quickly from one place to another. Still a sweet power if you have it, even if you have to put up a Nightcrawler-style brimstone smell every time you use it.

6. Telepathy

If knowledge is power, reading people’s minds and adjusting memories is a pretty great super power. Couple this one with any another on this list and you’ve got a pretty powerful character.

5. Force Fields

Beyond just being able to shield yourself from attacks, force fields often provide other great benefits like pushing objects around, flight/floating, etc. This one is really only limited by your imagination.

4. Shapeshifting

Taking on the form of another person or thing (Wonder Twin powers, activate!) can come in pretty useful. Beyond spying uses, this one has some world class possibilities.

3. Speed

Similar to teleportation, speed powers would really cut down on travel expenses. Then there’s the whole time travel element, which kicks this power up to a whole other level.

2. Strength

A classic. From the very, very beginning of superheroes, super strength has been a mainstay. From Superman to Hulk, super strength is often part of the power set for the most powerful heroes and villains in comic books.

1. Flight

Maybe it’s just our crusade to find more affordable airfare, but flight is one of the coolest, most useful super powers out there. Along with super strength and speed, this is one of the original super powers that helped shape comic books. Up, up, and away …

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