Top 10 Most Valuable Key Avengers Issues Of All Time
The Avengers

The darlings of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers are a long and storied history in print. Somewhat surprisingly, most of their key issues are pretty affordable compared to other titles like the X-Men or The Amazing Spider-Man. Here’s the Top 10 Most Valuable Key Avengers Issues Of All Time.

The Avengers (1963) No. 10

10. The Avengers (1963) No. 10 ($700)

First Appearance: Immortus

It gets a bit confusing, but you’ll see this long-time Avengers foe show up again on this list. Bonus: This issue also contains the very first “Avengers Assemble!” shouted out by Thor.

The Avengers (1963) No. 6

9. The Avengers (1963) No. 6 ($975)

First Appearance: Masters of Evil

Earthest Mightest Heroes need villains up to the task. What they got in their sixth issue was The Masters of Evilβ€”Baron Zemo, The Black Knight (Nathan Garrett), Melter and Radioactive Man.

The Avengers (1963) No. 48

8. The Avengers (1963) No. 48 ($1,100)

First Appearance: Black Knight (Dane Whitman), Aragorn

He’s the third one to wear the armor, but Dane Whitman remains the most popular Black Knight. His impending debut on the silver screen has collectors on the hunt for this issue.

The Avengers (1963) No. 5

7. The Avengers (1963) No. 5 ($1,375)

First Appearance: Lava Men

Can’t say many are fans of the Lava Men, but a first appearance is a first appearance. The value rally comes more from this being an early issue of The Avengers.

The Avengers (1963) No. 9

6. The Avengers (1963) No. 9 ($1,400)

First Appearance: Wonder Man (Simon Williams)

Not only is this Wonder Man’s first appearance, it’s also features (spoiler alert) his death! As is usually the case in comics though, death isn’t permanent and Simon Williams is no exception.

The Avengers (1963) No. 57

5. The Avengers (1963) No. 57 ($1,500)

First Appearance: Vision

A staple of The Avengers, Vision has had quite the history with the team (and its villains), including his relationships with Scarlett Witch and Ultron.

The Avengers (1963) No. 2

4. The Avengers (1963) No. 2 ($3,000)

First Appearance: Space Phantom, Avengers Mansion

Another on the list benefitting from being a very early issue of the title, this one at least includes our first look at the longstanding Avengers headquarters.

The Avengers (1963) No. 8

3. The Avengers (1963) No. 8 ($4,100)

First Appearance: Kang The Conqueror

The next Big Bad in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kang has taken on many names over the decades, but he’s always been one of Marvel’s most interesting villains.

The Avengers (1963) No. 4

2. The Avengers (1963) No. 4 ($6,800)

First Appearance: Captain America (Silver Age)

Captain America’s return from the ice happened right here, marking his first appearance in a Marvel title proper (previous outings were under the Timely or Atlas label).

The Avengers (1963) No. 1

1. The Avengers (1963) No. 1 ($39,000)

First Appearance: The Avengers (team)

A shockingly affordable (comparatively) Silver Age key, The Avengers (1963) No. 1 finally put Marvel’s mightiest heroes together in a their own title. The line-up has changed plenty over the years, but the core team (plus Captain America!) remains the most popular.

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